Persuader Performance Boats Rental Business Program


Persuader Performance Boats is building the perfect boat for the Rental Community.  Our boats are a blast to ride in, your customers look cool in them, and they are safer and easier to drive than a Jet-Ski.  There are simply no other

3 person boats that are this fun or this affordable.  If you are in a tourist destination spot there is no better way to allow customer to take a self-guided tour around your waterways.  We have a small powerboat rental program in conjunction with our Dealers that you have the opportunity to take advantage of right now that will offer you the lowest possible pricing on boats and motors.


Benefits of Buying Your Fleet from Persuader Performance Boats.

      Increase you customer base by renting to ALL age groups.

      No special wet-suit required = more impulse rentals.

      Insurance costs are typically less than personal watercraft.

      Lower fuel and maintenance costs.

      Fast and Fun, and safer than a Jet-Ski.

      Less restrictions and regulations than a PWC.

      Purchase fully equipped for the same or less than a price of a PWC.

      Offer self-guided tours through your town's waterways.

      Qualify for the lowest possible fleet pricing offered by our Dealers.

      Customize your boats to advertise your business.  These boats will get the

      phone to ring.


Call us today for more information at: 419-689-5000


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