About Persuader Boats.


My name is Barry Cooperider, and I've been working in the boat building business off and on since the mid 1980's.

In the early 1990's I started a boat repair shop and a company to build new boats called Reality Boat Company.

The boat repair shop was fun, but with the economy and the lack of money it forced me to close both the repair shop

and the boat building business.

Only one boat got built.

I then moved on to what has been a great back up job, trucking.  I've even been able to combine the jobs, by delivering boats.  About five years ago I acquired enough molds to build at least 14 different boats.  The dream of my own boat company was alive again.  But I needed a new name.  Persuader Performance Boats was born.

This year we acquired Wahoo Powerboats, adding three new boats to the Persuader line.  An 11ft, a 13ft, and a 15ft

outboard model.




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